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The Other 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) – More Business Tips For Tough Times

With the economy still undergoing a lot of uncertainty, rather than throwing in the towel at your small business, especially if you are in services, you can instead extend the same principles the environmentalists recommend – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – to what you offer clients and keep the dollars rolling in.

The strategy of reducing doesn’t just apply to the office products you use or how much space you occupy; you need to also look at how to reduce what you offer without taking away from your value proposition. That means never reducing your price, but instead looking at ways to chop up what you do, so that clients can still buy from you while leaving your value proposition untouched.

For example, depending on the work you do, instead of covering the whole project from soup to nuts, you might do the front-end planning while they supply the labor and premises to execute the tasks. Or, they gather the information and then you come in at the back-end to do the analysis and provide the recommendations. The beauty of reducing is that it still leaves you performing the higher-perceived-value tasks out of your overall offering. It doesn’t mean you can’t do entire projects if clients still have the budgets; of course you can! But for those customers who are cutting back, you can tailor to the funds available. As they say, no-one is ever remembered for their prices but they are for their value.

This leads to the second part of the formula, Re-use. In this case, while you can go on making good use of your paper clips over and over, it also means looking outside your four walls for ways that can help your clients. One form of “re-use” is putting people to work that your clients might otherwise have to lay off. Perhaps a client has always wanted to undertake a major nationwide survey, but has never had the budget? Or, they want to do some business development work but didn’t have the feet on the street? Rather than paying the much higher costs, which include markups, to an outside firm such as yours, they instead have you act as manager of an in-house team and put their surplus people plus your expertise to work. This way, your client will see you as even more indispensable to their business while the customer teams you manage will get the job done.

Even if you’re already recycling waste paper and other items at the office, you need to also look at how to recycle past work you have done for clients. While any such initiatives must avoid betraying client confidentiality, especially if you have signed agreements to this effect, by taking the generic parts of existing client work, perhaps even from past work for several clients, and finding ways to recycle these as products you can sell, you will meet two goals. One is, you will generate some revenue and two, you will have found another way to introduce prospective customers to your services. You might want to bring out a series of reports or your First Annual Survey of X about a market in which you do a lot of work; if you have done such work over the last 12 to 24 months for large corporate clients, finding ways to recycle this information to small businesses will introduce you to a market segment that you might normally not serve.

While no one likes a shaky economy, by using the 3 Rs to your advantage, you will be better able to weather the storms and position yourself for the fourth R – Recovery – when that happens!
Copyright Deborah C. Sawyer

4 Effective Internet Marketing Business Tips

Running a small business is not as easy as what many people believe it to be. It may be smaller and easier to manage than a big corporation, but it needs just the same strategies and methods in order for it to succeed. Therefore, internet marketing business is also very important for small businesses. Here are a few internet marketing tips that can help you successfully market your small business. While there may be hundreds of tips out there, the ones listed below will guarantee up to 90% success rate.

Set a Goal

What is the goal of having a website or marketing online? The answer to this should be to spread the word about your business and attract as many potential customers as you can. But the following question would be: how do you do it? This is why setting a goal initially before you even start marketing online is very important. Then, once you have established your goal, diversify from there, and set even higher goals upon achieving that goal. It is important to set goals, but remember that you also need a system to measure the goals such as how many new customers you want to attract each day.

Content is King

While a good and well designed website can attract customers, it is still the content that will matter the most. Even if your website is aesthetically pleasing, it does not automatically mean that potential customers will be attracted to your business. This is why one of the most important internet marketing business tips is to think carefully about the content of your website. Ultimately, it is the content that will provide substance to your potential clients and will help them find value in your business.

Give Thought to Your Title

Before you show your website to the world, check everything in your website first. The title plays a very important role to your website so you must put much thought into it. Does it describe perfectly the page you are reading? Is it a unique description that can attract viewers? Does it have all the necessary keywords you want to associate to your business? Answer these questions and if you feel that your title needs some revisions, do it before making your website public.

Local Business Directories

Nowadays, there are plenty of directory websites you can take advantage of. Most of these websites are free of charge and allows you to list your business with them. You can even list your business in all of the website directories you can find to make it more searchable for people. Some of the best directory websites you can use are Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Directory, Yellow Pages, and Yelp. Register in one or all of these directories and you will surely increase the number of people who will find your business online.

These are just a few of the most reliable internet marketing business tips that you can follow. But you have to remember that each tip will not guarantee 100% success rate. You have to modify each to fit your business and the industry best.

3 Crucial Small Business Tips

In the economic downturn you fixed it in your mind to start a business for success. You are tired of the 9 to 9s and the worrying if you’ll have a job and you realized you are good at what you do so you may as well turn it into a business opportunity for yourself. Likewise you may already have a business and it is not really moving the way you thought. I always tell business owners not to give up because what you’re doing is very important to the world; but you must do it in the right way. My friend asked me what keeps me going and keeps me successful and the best thing I could come up with are 3 crucial small business tips.

When I was younger my brothers would get in conversations with other kids about basketball and they would ask who your favorite basketball player is. We would respond, Scottie Pippen, or Clyde Drexler, or Ronnie Harper. Our phrase was, “after Michael Jordan,” so we knew that if Clyde was your favorite, that meant your second favorite because MJ is everyone’s favorite. I bring this up because the 3 crucial small business tips are assuming your have a great product or service. Your product or service has to be excellent to begin with or you must have an excellent angle to present it. Now once you have that you can now use these three crucial small business tips to amplify your businesses success.


You have to provide great customer service. If you make it a point to be exceptional in your client services you will out do competitors based on the fact that you are just plain nicer than them. I do it all the time and my friends use to laugh at me especially when my money was low; I would go to a grocery store that was more expensive because they treated me better while in there. I could easily get 50 dollars worth of groceries 50 bucks at another store; instead I go and get 40 dollars worth for 50 bucks. I spent an extra $10 dollars just to treat me better. Some people call it crazy, but I call it being around people who have nice positive energy. The point is you too can win if you just treat your clients with exceptional service. This does not mean put up with grouchy customers; but treat clients like they are extremely special.


Execution and great application is crucial small business tip number two. A lot of times we get lazy, unmotivated, unfocused and this is where things begin to separate the great businesses from the average businesses. You must have good application to be successful; you must be able to execute with preciseness and consistency. If you cannot you should hire or partner with someone who can. There are great basketball players in the NBA and around the world; the ones we hear about and know are the ones who can apply their skill the best and execute when it matters the most. And that is not a hit at Lebron James…


The last tip you need to truly understand is leverage; once you understand that you cannot do this yourself you will take off to another level. Michael Jordan is going into the basketball all-time great list because for so long he thought he could do it himself. He posted unheard of numbers; but it wasn’t until you let his cohorts take much of the load off of him that he really excelled at his winning craft. You must allow yourself to do the same; you must leverage yourself. If it will take you 10 days to build a solid website, hire someone who can do it in one day. If it will take away from productive time to get your local marketing going, hire good local marketing helpers to so that you stay productive. You need to focus on doing what you do best and most efficient with your time and leverage your businesses success.

Due Daniels